RVX was the lead VFX vendor for Baltasar Kormákur’s 2014 film Everest.

Taking the film from script to screen was no small feat, needing a highly creative as well as technical solution for the enormous task of creating the stunning environments of Everest and its surroundings.

Overall VFX Supervisor Dadi Einarsson and his team decided that the solution was to build the entire environment using photogrammetry, giving Baltasar and the production true to life geography and truly anchoring all of the locations in reality.

Using the 3d model as their base, Dadi and his team were able to visualize sequences and design iconic shots which would be impossible to achieve on location .

RVX completed over 500 shots including some of the most iconic scenes from the film. From Basecamp, through the notorious Khumbu Icefalls to Camp 4, adding ice breath to around 200 shots along the way, RVX integrated live action shot in studios seamlessly with CG environments to help tell the story of the 1996 tragedy.

The RVX team received a VES nomination for Best Supporting Visual Effects for their work on Everest.


“I have to say, last night I watched Everest on the big screen. I was astonished at how well it was done. I know every rock, every angle, every fixed line on that classic route from having been up there 5 times with my cameras. I was lost in the story and able to put my little technical mind aside as I believed I was there, where I’ve been so many times before.
The shot that blows my mind is the shot at camp 4 when we start in the tent, pull back, reveal the route to the summit and the camera uncut pulls out, around the actors and reveals the night sky, the Nuptse wall, the stars and the final dark pyramid. I believed that they were all there. And the audience has every right to as well. You did it perfectly. I’m blown away. Thank you for keeping it authentic and doing the environment justice. Wow.”

Elia Saikaly – award-winning adventure filmmaker, summited Everest three times