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RVX is an Icelandic VFX company that creates world-class visual effects for feature film, commercials and television that amaze and inspire audiences around the globe.

With over 15 years of industry experience we’ve had the great fortune to be part of some amazing projects which have received numerous awards including BAFTA Awards, Visual Effects Society Awards and Television Academy Emmy nominations.


We specialize in bringing to life stunning digital worlds, creatures and effects. Working with filmmakers and studio productions to help elevate creative and visual storytelling across all media, including feature film, episodic television and real-time VFX, all the way from concept to screen.


Our team consists of talented artists and technicians with wide experience across the VFX industry and beyond. Continuously pushing the boundaries of great visual effects and storytelling, we’re deeply passionate about bringing our client’s vision to life and creating exceptional work that stands out in this challenging and exciting industry.


The Iceland tax incentive for the film industry also applies to the VFX industry. There is an option of 25% and 35% reimbursement.


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Reykjavik Visual Effects  –  Holmaslod 8  –  101 Reykjavik  – Iceland